Hairawn muhly: Pink grass an autumn photographic delight
By Xu Chenlu

To many people, autumn is a good time to get out and take photos. In 2015, people in the Shanghai Municipality in east China discovered a new place where they can take beautiful selfies with a "sea" of pink grasses in the background. Soon made the grass, named hairawn muhly, became an internet sensation.

The hairawn muhly is native to the plains of North America. It usually can be found along the borders of roads, with green shiny leaves in the summer sunlight and feathery pink flowers appearing at the top of the grass in the autumn. When the flowers bloom at the same time, they form a sea of pink clouds. The flower of hairawn muhly can last from September to mid-November.

If you want to have a corner of these pink grasses in your garden, you can plant it by yourself. The grass prefers mildly acidic, organic and well-drained soil that can thrive in sunshine and a partial shade, and is quite tolerant to drought and heat. When the seeds of the grass begin to sprout, remember to provide it with enough moisture and adequate fertilizer, and you can expect to take a selfie with the beautiful pink background in autumn.

(All photos via VCG)

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