Flora of Jingdong: Magic behind tiny plants

Many plants may look small and inconspicuous on the forest floor in Jingdong County, but they have their own special talents beyond your expectations.

Cotylanthera paucisquama has a rarely seen lilac corolla. It even has a transparent body similar to the ghost plant because it doesn't have to photosynthesize. Apart from Yunnan, the plant can also be found in Sichuan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region.

Similar to the touch-me-not, Biophytum fruticosum is very bashful. However, its leaves fold more slowly than the touch-me-not when touched, and in a complete different direction. The leaves will fold downward as if they are attracted by gravity.

Carnivorous plants in fantasy novels and science fiction are often big and terrifying, but in reality, they are very small. Both Utricularia furcellata and Drosera peltate feed on insects and other arthropods. While Drosera peltate use its sticky leaves to trap its prey, Utricularia furcellata has a transparent sac opening for stop-by insects. 

Rhynchanthus beesianus might easily catch your attention in the forest for its dashing red color. Birds are also attracted. Rhynchanthus beesianus is one of the few plants that depend on birds to pollinate. 

About 'Flora of Jingdong'

Jingdong Yi Autonomous County in Pu'er City, southwest China's Yunnan Province, has two national nature reserves – the Ailao Mountain and Wuliang Mountain National Nature Reserve. The complex terrain and diverse climate here have created great plant diversity. The county is thus hailed as a "Demonstration County of International Biodiversity Project." This series will take you on a visual tour of diverse flora in Jingdong County.

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(All photos taken by Liu Wenhui and Qu Shang, designed by CGTN's Du Chenxin)

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