Nature's Observer: The return of the endangered relict gulls
Updated 16:33, 10-Oct-2021
By Xing Fangyu

The relict gull was discovered by humans and named in 1931 and is the most recently discovered gull species. Known as the "forgotten gull," it has been classified as vulnerable since it was identified. 

Kangba Nur in north China's Hebei Province is an ecologically fragile and sensitive area. It is known as the world's largest breeding site for relict gulls, thanks to Professor Hong Jianming and other people's efforts. 

Watch this video to see how the endangered relict gulls were brought back to Kangba Nur.

Narrated by Yang Yan

Written by Xing Fangyu

Directed by Wei Anjie

Filmed by Jia Yanlei

Editeded by Xing Fangyu & Liu Haibo

Cover image designed by Yin Yating

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