U.S. business owner hoping Biden's tariffs relief on Chinese products

A combined punch of China-U.S. tariffs, the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues have hurt U.S. businesses in recent years, said Tiffany Williams, a luggage store owner in Texas, during an interview with the National Public Radio (NPR).

"I remain hopeful that things will turn around and 2022 could be just an amazing year, and banned - if we could get some relief from the tariffs and get the supply chain things under control," William told the NPR.

Noting the speech by the U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai on China trade policy earlier, William said it would be great if tariffs on industries like hers could be excluded, but adding "I just couldn't tell from what she said what the, you know, exclusion process would be for goods like ours that don't have a U.S. option."

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William said the price of the same bag now has increased almost $200, since the tariffs battle between China and the U.S. started in 2018. "We had some manufacturers that immediately did some price increases."

"But when you put all those duties, tariffs and exorbitant shipping costs on top of it, there's just no way they can continue to sell it for the same price," she said. 

Not only about price, they also had a hard time getting goods.

"We would love to see some tariff relief in our industry just because there is no luggage made in the United States. It's just hard for our industry to know how to go forward," William said. 

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