China's foreign minister to meet Taliban delegation in Qatar
Updated 17:04, 25-Oct-2021

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi will pay a visit to Qatar from October 25 to 26, during which he will meet a delegation of the Taliban's caretaker government, China's Foreign Ministry announced on Monday. 

The two sides will exchange views on the situation in Afghanistan and topics of "common concern," said the Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. 

"As Afghanistan's traditional friendly neighbor and partner, China has always advocated dialogue and contact to guide the positive development of the situation in Afghanistan," he said.

China has promised aid to Afghanistan. At the G20 Extraordinary Leaders' Meeting on Afghanistan held earlier this month, Wang urged global efforts to put people's livelihood first and help Afghanistan tackle the humanitarian crisis. He said China is accelerating the shipment of 200 million yuan worth of emergency aid to Afghanistan, including food, winter supplies, vaccines and medicine. And the first batch of aid has been delivered, he noted. 

Wang also urged the countries which caused the difficult situation in Afghanistan to draw lessons, shoulder their responsibilities in earnest, prevent humanitarian crises and refugee outflows, and avoid creating new shocks to the neighboring countries and the international community.

The Chinese diplomat will then make visits to Greece, Serbia, Albania and Italy from October 27 to 29. 

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