How to take care of plants during autumn

During autumn, the growth rate of plants slows down so they can save energy for winter. There is a big temperature difference between morning and evening, so the leaves may turn yellow and wilt. Plants should be kept away from windows so they are not harmed by temperature changes. Here are more tips to take care of plants during autumn. 

Spacing out the waterings each time

As most indoor plants stop growing, they don't need much watering in autumn. Water only when they are dry. 

In terms of hydroponic plants, use warm water instead of cold water, so the impact on plants can be relatively low. When the water in the vase starts to become dirty, change it immediately.


In autumn, some plants can be properly pruned by removing dead branches and wilted flowers. It is also a good time to reproduce succulent plants. Cut one or two leaves and plant them in well-drained soil, put the pot in an area with plenty of sunshine, and you will have a new succulent plant in spring. 

Ventilation is also beneficial. Open the windows at noon to help reduce the occurrence of insect pests.

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