Rime turns NE China landscape into winter fairyland
Updated 13:43, 22-Nov-2021

The air temperature dropped on Sunday to minus 26 degrees Celsius in a scenic spot in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, freezing the entire area into a dreamy picture of rime.

Visitors were treated to dazzling scenery of rime-covered trees lining both sides of the Kurbin River running through the county, as if the vernal breeze had suddenly come overnight to Dapingtai Rime Scenic Spot in Xunke County of Heihe City, adorning thousands of trees with white blossoms.

From November to March every year, the nearby hydropower station would heat up the southbound Kurbin River. The warm water vapor condenses into beautiful rime, forming a world of fairy tale covering tens of kilometers in the downstream area.

Xunke County is well-known for its rime landscape and is therefore nicknamed north China's "Capital of Rime." It ranks among the four major icons of ice and snow culture in Heilongjiang.

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Dreamy rime scene in SW China

(Cover image via CFP)

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