Peculiar narrow leaf cotton bush in Aluo's garden
Updated 13:57, 04-Jan-2022

The narrow leaf cotton bush is native to South Africa. It's an ornamental plant with uniquely shaped fruits that look like balloons; hollow and without flesh. The surface is covered with hair. After reaching maturity, the fruits burst open, and the seeds inside with white fuzz disperse with the wind. 

In Aluo's garden in Beijing's Changping District, you can find narrow leaf cotton bush. Aluo says her guests like the plant and it is also good as a cut flower. 

Aluo's garden is set against the sky and looks like a piece of grassland floating in the air. It's one of the most beautiful private gardens in Beijing. A video about Aluo's garden titled "Aluo's Grassland in the Air" shot by CGTN Nature will air on January 8 on CGTN Nature. Stay tuned. 

(Photos by Ding Qian)

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