Shanghai becomes the first city in China to officially regulate LARP and escape games
A roundtable of an escape room. /Sina

A roundtable of an escape room. /Sina

Shanghai became the first city in China this week to officially regulate the content of escape games and Live Action Role Playing (LARP) murder mystery games, or jubensha, according to the city's Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism.

Since the regulation was opened for public comment in November 2021, authorities have received more than 100 comments and suggestions from industry practitioners, legal experts and cultural scholars.

Management regulations require businesses to establish a sound content self-review system and staff content review personnel, as well as implement corresponding technical supervision measures on content and activities such as scripts, scenes, costumes and props provided to players.

As some product content is not suitable for minors, the revised regulations added requirements on the protection of minors, stipulating that "business units shall establish and improve the protection mechanism for minors and pay attention to the protection of minors' physical and mental health. Business units shall give notice in prominent locations or before activities of room escape and jubensha that are not suitable for minors, and shall not allow minors to enter."

What's more, the regulation clearly states that "business units shall, within 30 days from the date when scripts are put on the shelves, register the scripts after self-examination with the local culture and tourism Bureau."

Starting from March this year, each business unit can submit an application to the cultural and tourism department of this agency on the premise of completing a self-review of the script content.

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