President Xi replies to letter from British pupils on climate change
Updated 20:15, 21-Apr-2022

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently replied to a letter from pupils at the Francis Holland School in Britain on the topic of climate change.

The planet Earth is like a big family and whole of mankind is like a single community, Xi said, stressing the need to address the common challenge of climate change through cooperation. 

Xi said he attaches great importance to addressing climate change and has been stressing the vision of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets," which has become a consensus in today's China. 

The Chinese government has been rallying the entire society to protect nature and the ecological environment like "we protect our eyes," actively promoting green development and working hard to build a beautiful China, he said. 

China is taking unprecedented measures to address climate change and made remarkable achievements, he said, adding that efforts are afoot for greater progress.

Xi said Chinese schools at all levels and of all categories attach great importance to education on ecological civilization. Starting with small things, Chinese pupils foster good habits of energy conservation and environmental protection, and learn about adopting a green and low-carbon way of life, he added. 

Xi said he welcomes the pupils from the Francis Holland School to visit China and take a look at the world's largest wind farm, solar power plant and man-made forest as well as scenic national parks. He encouraged them to exchange ideas with Chinese pupils and contribute to green development in the future. 

The Francis Holland School is a London-based international school dedicated to the education of girls. It encourages its students to pay close attention to issues such as environmental protection and climate change. Year-4 students from the school recently wrote to Xi about climate change. 

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