Donald Trump Jr testifies to Capitol assault probe: U.S. media
Updated 11:08, 05-May-2022

Donald Trump Jr, the eldest son of former U.S. President Donald Trump, has met the House committee investigating the 2021 assault on the Capitol, U.S. media reported on Wednesday, citing sources close to Trump Jr.

The interview was held via video link for about two hours, the source told CNBC, saying that the discussion was "pretty uneventful."

Trump Jr spoke to the panel voluntarily, the source added.

According to CNN, Trump Jr texted then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows with "a long list of steps the Trump campaign could take to prevent Joe Biden from being certified as the next president of the United States" on November 5, 2020, two days after the election. He was with his father in the Oval Office before the president's speech in front of the "Stop the Steal" rally on January 6, 2021, which later inflamed a mob that laid siege to the Capitol.

The House committee has already spoken to Trump Jr's sister Ivanka Trump, his brother-in-law Jared Kushner and his fiancee, Kimberly Guilfoyle. 

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(Cover: Donald Trump Jr gestures addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, U.S., February 27, 2022. /Reuters)

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