Premier Li urges support for market entities and stable employment

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday called on local governments and related governmental departments to prioritize policies to support stable employment, and to maintain stable economic performance.

Stable employment is related to the livelihood of families and is the key to supporting the economic operation to stay within a reasonable range, Li said in an instruction to a video conference on stabilizing employment held in Beijing.

"Protecting the market players and securing jobs are important for future development," said the premier. 

Efforts should be made to ensure the completion of the annual employment goals and tasks, Li said.

Local governments need to stabilize the job market and help enterprises to resume production during pandemic prevention and control, accelerate the implementation of tax rebates, tax reductions and other relief policies, and help market entities, especially those in private sectors and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to weather through the difficult times and keep jobs, Li said.

He added that the country needed to continue to promote the healthy development of the platform economy and drive more employment.

China will see a record number of around 16 million jobseekers in the market this year, and the country aims to create more than 11 million new urban jobs to meet demand, Li said in March this year after the conclusion of the fifth session of the 13th National People's Congress.

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(Cover photo via CFP)

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