Mercedes-Benz CEO: China remains biggest market & growing technological hub
Updated 16:49, 25-Aug-2022

China has the world's largest automobile market both in terms of demand and supply, with the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers recently forecasting that the market will reach 27 million vehicles in sales in 2022, up three percent annually. Over the years, China has ramped up efforts to boost the industry, including policies such as subsidies and tax reductions, that continues to stimulate and support the economy. Now, electrification and intelligence trends are presenting a myriad of even more opportunities for China's auto market.

German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz Group is a significant player in the country's auto industry. It sold some 35,600 new vehicles in China in the first half of 2022, which represents more than one-third of the group's global sales. In an interview with CGTN, Ola Kallenius, chairman and CEO of Mercedes-Benz, shared his take on the Chinese auto market. 

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