Experience the grace of egrets

The egret is referred to as Bai Lu in Chinese (white egret). In fact, all heron species with white plumage go by the name "egret." They consume a variety of little creatures as they forage on land and in shallow water as wading birds. The bird is renowned for its elegance and grace. Let's check out the video to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

The Colors of Nature

Nature has a lot of colors. Which is your favorite color? This series offers a sensory experience by combining music, color and natural scenery. Join CGTN Nature to explore the beauty of colors in nature. 

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Snowy Kanas in NW China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

The beauty of yellow sand

The beauty of the color black

The beauty of the color brown

Do you like the color green?

The beauty of yellow leaves

The Colors of Nature: Pink peach flowers in Tibet

The Colors of Nature: The yellow waterfall

The Colors of Nature: Do you like the color red?

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