Zhejiang Xiangshan Series: The migration path
Updated 21:19, 15-Dec-2022

In late April, spineless cuttlefish begin their migration to fulfill their last mission in life, mating and laying eggs. Spineless cuttlefish are fast growing and have a short reproductive cycle, they lay their eggs attached to reefs and macroalgae. The unhatched cuttlefishes have to learn how to catch food, which is their first step. Do you want to see how they capture food? Let's watch the video together!

About 'Journeys in Nature': Zhejiang Xiangshan Series

Produced by the CGTN Nature team, "Journeys in Nature" presents China's distinct ecology and biodiversity through a range of mini-series that cover different regions across the country. In this series, the film crew travels to Xiangshan County and records the stories of the animals and people living there.

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