Xi reiterates China's objective stance on Ukraine in talks with Putin, urging continuous efforts for peace talks
Updated 14:35, 31-Dec-2022

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday reiterated the country's "objective and just" stance on the Ukraine crisis in talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin via video link, urging Moscow to continue peace talks.

The road to peace talks won't be smooth sailing, yet with continuous efforts, the prospects of peace are there, Xi stressed, expressing appreciation that the Russian side has never refused to solve the conflict through diplomatic talks.

The Chinese president also vowed to work alongside the international community in playing a constructive role in solving the crisis peacefully.

Xi: China, Russia should strengthen strategic coordination

"In a changing and turbulent international environment, it is important that China and Russia remain true to the original aspiration of cooperation, maintain strategic focus, enhance strategic coordination, continue to be each other's development opportunity and global partner, and strive to bring more benefits to the two peoples and greater stability to the world," Xi told Putin.

According to the Chinese president, in the first 11 months of this year, two-way trade volume reached a record high.

President Xi stressed that the two sides need to make good use of the existing working mechanisms and communication channels to push for more progress in practical cooperation in such areas as economy and trade, energy, finance and agriculture, advance the development of border ports and other infrastructure of connectivity, and expand cooperation in both traditional and new energy.

The two sides need to leverage traditional strengths, further deepen people-to-people and cultural exchange, ensure another successful Year of Sports Exchange, and foster new brands of cultural exchange between the two countries, he added.

Noting that China has recently adapted its COVID-19 response measures in light of the evolving situation to better coordinate pandemic response and economic and social development, with the focus now on ensuring people's health and preventing severe cases, Xi said China stands ready to resume normal personnel exchange with Russia and all other countries in an orderly manner.

Xi expressed his pleasure at meeting Putin virtually at the year-end, which he said has become a good tradition between them.

Putin said it is a great pleasure to continue with the good tradition of the two countries and have a virtual meeting with Xi when the new year is around the corner, to take stock of progress in Russia-China relations this year and draw a blueprint for cooperation in the year ahead.

Amid the complex, grave international situation, Russia-China relations have maintained a sound momentum of growth, with steady progress in cooperation in such areas as energy, agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, sports and people-to-people exchange, Putin said

Russia-China relations have grown more resilient, mature and stable, and strategic coordination between the two countries has assumed greater significance, setting a fine example of major-country relations in the 21st century, he added.

The Russian president vowed that Russia firmly supports China's position on the Taiwan question and stays firmly committed to the one-China principle.

He also said that Russia looks forward to enhancing exchanges and contacts with China and actively advancing cooperation in various fields, adding as China optimizes its COVID-19 response measures, people-to-people and cultural exchange between the two countries will continue to expand.


Xi: China, Russia should uphold international justice

President Xi emphasized that the world has now come to another historical crossroads. To revert to a cold war mentality, provoke division and antagonism, and stoke confrontation between blocs, or to act out of the common good of humanity to promote equality, mutual respect and win-win cooperation – the tug of war between these two trends is testing the wisdom of statesmen in major countries as well as the reason of the entire humanity, he stressed.

"Facts have repeatedly proven that containment and suppression is unpopular, and sanction and interference is doomed to fail," said Xi.

China stands ready to join hands with Russia and all other progressive forces around the world who oppose hegemony and power politics, to reject any unilateralism, protectionism and bullying, firmly safeguard the sovereignty, security and development interests of the two countries and uphold international fairness and justice, he noted.

Xi called on the two sides to maintain close coordination and collaboration in international affairs, uphold the authority of the United Nations and the status of international law, stand for true multilateralism, and fulfill their responsibilities as major countries and lead by example on such issues as protecting global food and energy security.

The two sides need to continue encouraging parties of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to enhance solidarity and mutual trust, show greater mutual support on issues concerning one another's core interests, and jointly resist interference and sabotage by external forces, he added.

Noting BRICS cooperation has seen multiple highlights, which speaks volumes about the appeal and bright prospect of BRICS, Xi said China will work with Russia to actively advance BRICS membership expansion to bolster the strength of BRICS countries, and uphold the common interests of emerging market countries and developing countries.

President Putin said Russia commends China for its objective and impartial stance in international affairs, and speaks highly of China's work during its BRICS chairmanship.

Russia stands ready to maintain close coordination with China at multilateral fora including the United Nations, the SCO, BRICS and the G20, jointly promote the building of a more just and reasonable international order, safeguard respective legitimate interests, and work together to uphold international fairness and justice, Putin added.

The two presidents also exchanged new year greetings, and wished the two peoples a happy new year and the two countries greater achievements in their development.

(With input from Xinhua)

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