'Chinese New Year Flowers': Foreigner bought flowers to welcome Spring Festival in Shanghai

Shanghai, one of the most modern metropolises in China, attracts people from all over the world residing, studying and working. Jason Funk, a foreigner living here for 13 years, took his family to a popular market for New Year flowers. What did he buy? Why did he get those plants? Check out the video to find more!

About 'Chinese New Year Flowers':

The Year of the Rabbit is just around the corner. Chinese people are buying a variety of flowers not only to decorate their homes, but also for the good wishes the flowers represent. What kind of flowers will they buy across China? What do these plants symbolize? Explore more in our new series "Chinese New Year Flowers"!

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Chinese New Year Flowers: Into Beijing

(Cover images designed by CGTN's Gao Hongmei, video edited by Xu Wen)

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