'Oh! My Greens' Ep. 5: Collecting plants from mountain to make eye-catching artwork

The etymology of the word "gardening" refers to "enclosure." Coincidentally, in the Chinese word for garden – "huayuan" – the "yuan" also represents a relatively enclosed space. If a garden embodies our desire for nature, then why is it built up as a space isolated from the wild? To find the answer, our plant-loving photographer Liang Si visited floral designers Sammi and Tian Feng who live in a village at the foot of Cangshan Mountain in Yunnan's Dali City. 

After a short chat, they decide to go to the Cangshan Mountain to collect some plants and then make a floral artwork. Following these two artists, Liang Si gradually unpacks the question.

About 'Oh! My Greens'

What is a garden? It is a utopia that carries our dreams for a better life. It is an art that reflects our understanding of beauty. It restores our connection with the land. But is that all? In this series, Liang Si, a photographer who fell in love with plants, visits 100 people living with plants to explore why people garden, how to garden and the stories behind gardens.

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(Cover image designed by Liu Shaozhen.)

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