Business leaders share confidence and hope for collaboration amid global challenges at Boao
Updated 10:06, 30-Mar-2023

Chinese Premier Li Qiang will be attending the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia annual gathering on Thursday. Li will also deliver a keynote speech. Premier Li Qiang's attendance at the event has gained a lot of attention. His Boao appearance is a major one since China's major political event, the Two Sessions. As the world is recovering from the three-year pandemic, the Chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia, Ban Ki-moon said there is still a bumpy road ahead. This year's meeting hopes to find certainty in the uncertain time and world. Ban said it is a crucial turning point for the better if the world comes together without de-globalization and unilateralism. Secretary General Li Baodong of the forum echoed Ban's point, saying the world has looked to China and Asia to play constructive roles in acting for growth. CGTN reporter Cen Ziyuan talks to business leaders about this year's expectations of the event in Hainan.

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