INHERITORS: Awakening Lion

Xingshi or literally awakening lion is a name for the southern style of the lion dance. Historically it evolved from a court dance in the Tang Dynasty almost 1200 years ago. With the southward migration of the population from the central plains, lion dance culture was introduced to the south. In the Ming dynasty around 400 years ago, xingshi appeared in Guandong and then was widely spread through the south of China and even overseas. Lion dance has become a very important part of Chinese culture.

This episode invites Ye zhongming and Li Wanzheng, the inheritors of lion dance, and Huang Baoyi, influencer of Chinese SNS, to talk about the history, lion dance skills characteristics, and inheritance of lion dance.

They perform on the stage, in the workshop, in class, inherit the lion dance, explore new cross-over, and let the audience see that the lion dance, as a still-living culture in Foshan, follows the continuous changes of the times and maintains its vitality.

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