INHERITORS: Bamboo and Wood Instrumental Music of Li Nationality

Bamboo instrument music is a form of traditional music that is particularly associated with the Li people of Wuzhishan City and Baoting Li Autonomous County on Hainan Island. The instruments are crafted from not only bamboo, but also wood and various other natural materials found on the island, such as animal skin. This gives the music its very simple, natural vibe. The Li people, because they didn’t have a written language, recorded their history and customs through their traditional music.

The musical instruments played by the Li people include bowed stringed instruments, and woodwind, plucked and percussion instruments. By tradition, young Li people express their love through music. On March the 3rd by the lunar calendar each year, the Li people celebrate “Love Festival”, when single young men and women dance together, and sing folk songs to express their admiration for each other.

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