INHERITORS: Foshan Wing Chun

Foshan Wing Chun, one of the world famous Chinese martial art. Every year, countless people from all over the world visit Foshan to make a pilgrimage and seek the roots of Wing Chun. In 2021, Foshan martial arts Wing Chun was selected as one of the Fifth Batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative Projects.

Bruce Lee, the King of Kungfu and the “IP Man” series of movies have greatly boosted the international influence of Wing Chun. In this episode, our team went to Foshan, the birthplace of Wing Chun in Guangdong Province, and interviewed Dong Chonghua, the second-generation inheritor of IP Man and winner of three international Wing Chun competitions. He told us the historical background of Wing Chun, the reasons for its popularity in Foshan and the perspective of “international popularity” of Wing Chun (Hollywood stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Stallone and others are fans of Wing Chun), and also Dong has deeply analyzed the reasons why Wing Chun attracts so many fans. Dong Sifu himself also showed us the basic skills and core theories of Wing Chun, as well as the Kungfu concept and martial arts philosophy contained in it. In Foshan University, we saw a group of scholars and young students working together to inherit and develop Foshan Wing Chun through science and technology. There is also a young Wing Chun inheritor, Huang Dongwei and her father, Wing Chun master Huang Nianyi, who combine Wing chun with the “two-dimension” culture — games, Rap and other popular cultures to inherit and spread Wing chun. And finally, the Italian Wing Chun coach Kleber, use his international perspective to analyze the “international” status of Wing Chun and show the unique attraction of Wing Chun to western people.

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