Finding True America: Migrants become political pawns in partisan row
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Since Governor Abbott launched "Operation Lone Star" in March 2021, Texas has apprehended more than 340,000 illegal immigrants and bused more than 16,000 to Democratic-run cities, including Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia, according to a January 6, 2023 press release from Abbott's office. 

Venezuelan migrant Robert Gonzalez was one of them.

Gonzalez told CGTN Stringer that the migrants' basic rights were violated along the way to New York. Pregnant women didn't eat for days, those in urgent need of medical care were basically ignored, so-called "processing centers" had no sleeping arrangements, and volunteers were unprepared to receive Spanish-speaking migrants.

On Christmas Eve 2022, while U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris was enjoying the holiday vibe with her family, three buses loaded with migrants parked right in front of her house in Washington, D.C. According to NPR, this "special delivery" symbolized the escalation of the longstanding political battle between Joe Biden's Democratic administration and border-state Republican governors, such as Abbott, over the ongoing "migrant crisis."

According to several mainstream sources, including CNN, the BBC and The Guardian, these migrants who had most likely been sent from Texas were dropped off in sub-zero temperatures, some dressed in just T-shirts and shorts, after having already spent days in detention centers and months crossing deadly jungles and deserts to reach the U.S. And they are just the tip of the iceberg.

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