Agricultural diversity and efficiency thrives in Jiangxi despite limited farmland

"while picking asters neath the eastern fence, my gaze upon the southern mountain rests."This is a famous quote from renowned ancient Chinese poet Tao Yuanming, who was born in Jiangxi. Tao's work was mostly inspired by his post-retirement rural life back in the hometown. And the kind of quietness and simple joys are still appealing to modern people. Jiangxi province in southeast China is 80% covered by mountains and hills, and has only around 2.3% of the country's farmland. But it is also a key producer of several agricultural commodities thanks to its water resources and warm weather.

Editor's Note: As part of the "Fields of Hope" special coverage that focuses on China's rural vitalization strategy, CGTN journalists were in Jiangxi province on April 18 to provide in-depth reports and insights. The above video is a brief introduction to the agricultural resources in the province.

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