Central Guizhou Series | Episode 5: Valley denizens

In Guizhou Province of southwest China, abundant surface water has sculpted dramatic karst cliffs. Precipitation and omnipresent heat sources nurture luxuriant vegetation. With numerous streams and treacherous ridges, the rugged terrain proves to be a formidable obstacle that deters most animals. However, such features are welcomed by nimble valley rangers who have adapted to the cliffs and regard them as comfortable and safe dwellings.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Central Guizhou Series

Guizhou is the only province in China that does not have a plain. As a mountainous province, the forest coverage rate was over 62 percent by 2022. Its karst landforms, dense vegetation and abundant rivers have provided ideal habitats for countless wildlife species. The undulating waves of birds form their special community, the varied landforms offer the François' langurs many options for a place to call home, and the black-necked cranes traverse towering mountain ridges to their winter home in Guizhou. Enjoy our new series!

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(Video shot by CGTN Nature film crew; cover image a screenshot)

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