Yunnan Dehong Series | Episode 7: A fresh start

The wreathed hornbill's breeding season takes place in a solitary tree hole. These hollows do not appear on their own. The woodpecker, the woodland architect, meticulously creates them. This female wreathed hornbill has returned to her former nest for breeding this year. But there's a catch this time. The loyal companion standing guard outside is a new face. Watch this episode to find out more.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Yunnan Dehong Series

Yunnan Province in southwest China is one of the few regions in the country to have tropical rainforests. The rich flora and fauna reserves have turned Yunnan into a hub for wildlife enthusiasts as well as academic researchers. Dehong Prefecture, sitting at the western end of Yunnan, is a land of lush mountains and fertile dales. Boasting both tropical and subtropical features, it is endowed with ample sunlight and heat. The mountains offer a haven for wildlife. In this series, CGTN Nature takes you to Dehong's wild world. 

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(Cover image a video screenshot; video shot by CGTN Nature film crew)

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