Call for submissions: 'Our Panda' Global Graphics and Short Videos Collection and Exhibition
Updated 16:13, 20-Jul-2023

The love for giant pandas comes from all around the world!

There are currently over 60 pandas residing overseas, living in nearly 20 different countries. Calling pandas "national treasures," "chubby darlings," and "healing spirits," people from all over the world never hesitate to shower pandas with praise.

We are calling on all panda lovers to share your stories about pandas and participate in the "Our Panda" Global Graphics and Short Videos Collection and Exhibition. We invite friends from all around the world who have a deep love for pandas to participate. Through vlogs, online lectures, web audio videos, overseas platform challenges, and image/text submissions, we aim to showcase the diverse perspectives of "panda" as seen through different eyes.

The submission period will last for one month, focusing on four major competition themes, namely "Love Life, Love Pandas," "Panda's Birthday Celebrations," "Panda Science Enlightenment Show," and "Panda's Artistic Charms."

The "Love Life, Love Pandas" competition invites you to shoot cute moments of giant pandas while visiting them. You can make it into vlog or other video forms. You can create various displays in your work, such as the stories about yourself and giant pandas, the reasons why you love them, or what changes they bring to your life

"Panda's Birthday Celebrations" invites all panda lovers to Share relevant photos or videos of participating in global giant panda birthday parties or send good wishes for the birthday of giant pandas in the form of images, texts, or videos.

In the "Panda Science Enlightenment Show" competition, we expect you to show yourself on camera or create images and texts to explain the scientific knowledge of giant pandas you have learned.

And finally, the "Panda's Artistic Charms" competition is about showing your creation of cultural and creative works related to giant pandas, such as painting creations, handicrafts, panda-shaped cuisine, panda-themed performances, and original panda music videos. Use your talent and creativity to capture global attention and bring a new charm to giant pandas!

This global collection and exhibition is a global gathering of panda fans and a special invitation from the inaugural "Golden Panda Awards" to the world.

After jury evaluation, outstanding works will be featured in the "Golden Panda Awards" and showcased in related activities. China Global Television Network (CGTN), iPanda Channel, and Sichuan Guancha will disseminate these stories worldwide, allowing you to share your story on giant pandas worldwide.

Scan the QR code below to participate!

Call for submissions: 'Our Panda' Global Graphics and Short Videos Collection and Exhibition

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