Unexplored Land Ep. 6: Amazing creatures in bustling Hong Kong

With its high density of skyscrapers and population, Hong Kong's biodiversity is surprisingly rich. Its wetlands are important wintering grounds for birds such as the globally threatened black-faced spoonbill. 

A young black-faced spoonbill has flown with its parents all the way from the Liaodong Peninsula to spend the winter in the lush mangrove forest of the prosperous and bustling international metropolis. Many other migratory birds go to the wetland nearby for its abundant food to store up enough energy for the return trip. Watch the video to learn the story of the black-faced spoonbill family and their fascinating neighbors!

About 'Journeys in Nature': Unexplored Land

"Unexplored Land" travels from the Qinling Mountains in northwest China's Shaanxi Province to southwest China's Yunnan Province, from the Changbai Mountains in northeast China to Jiangsu Province in east China. The stories offer an insight into the life of many unique species in China. A huge quantity of priceless footage was obtained through many hours of patient waiting and tracking in the field. Stay tuned!

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(Cover image is a video screenshot; video shot by the CGTN Nature film crew)

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