Erkuai, a traditional Mosuo cake

In Yongning Town in southwest China's Yunnan Province, the fertile land surrounded by mountains is the world's highest rice planting area, and the origin of highland red rice. Zhebo is one of the ancient Mosuo villages. In a Mosuo courtyard, women make a kind of traditional cake called Erkuai.

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Lijiang Series Ep. 7: The Mountain Circling Festival

About 'Journeys in Nature': Lijiang Series

"Plant kingdom" and the "home of Yunnan medicines" are among the nicknames given to a famous city in southwest China's Yunnan Province – Lijiang. Not only are the numerous plant species a calling card, but the city is also well-known for its peaks, mountains and mysterious animals. In this series, CGTN Nature unveils the mysteries of a city that's full of surprises.

(Cover image designed by CGTN's Li Yueyun; video edited by CGTN's Yu Rong)

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