Lijiang Series Ep. 7: The Mountain Circling Festival

In Yongning Town in Yunnan Province, people still retain their ancient matrilineal culture, which veils the land with a mysterious hue. The Mountain Circling Festival originates from Mosuo people's worship of nature. They believe that gods lie within every mountain and lake. Through centuries of working and living, they have formed the notion and custom of respecting Mother Nature. On July 25 on the lunar calendar, Mosuo people perform koras around the mountain and the lake as a grand sacrificial ritual.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Lijiang Series

"Plant kingdom" and the "home of Yunnan medicines" are among the nicknames given to a famous city in southwest China's Yunnan Province – Lijiang. Not only are the numerous plant species a calling card, but the city is also well-known for its towering peaks and mysterious animals. In this series, CGTN Nature unveils the mysteries of a city full of surprises.

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