'We Talk' 2023 Golden Panda Awards: What it's like to have Sichuan cuisine in New York
Updated 20:50, 17-Sep-2023
Global Stringer

The first Golden Panda Awards will be held in southwest China's Chengdu on September 19 and 20, and are poised to boost cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world through film and television productions.

As a cultural icon, Sichuan's specialty cuisine has gained popularity among people in different countries. In New York in the United States, Sichuan cuisine also occupies a place among Chinese food. In this video, JH from New York visits a Sichuan cuisine restaurant to taste delicacies like Kung Pao chicken, Zhong dumplings and Dandan noodles while listening to stories of these famous Sichuan dishes from Chef He.

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