Tech Please: Are satellite smartphones the next must-have?
Updated 17:31, 24-Oct-2023

Editor's note: "Tech Please!" takes a sideways look at all things science and technology in China, revealing trends you won't hear about anywhere else – from cutting-edge developments to the bizarre and whimsical in the world's most exciting tech market.

At the end of August, Huawei released a new phone that supports satellite phone calls. Under more frequent extreme weather events, a smartphone that supports satellite phone calls might save your day. How does it work? Are satellite smartphones the next must-have? Check out this episode of Tech Please!

Scriptwriter and host: Zhao Chenchen

Copy editor: Moosa Abbas

Director of photography: Qi Jianqiang

Cameraman: Yang Ze

Post production: Zhao Yuxiang

3D designer: Pan Yongzhe

Cover image designer: Du Chenxin

Producer: Cao Qingqing

Chief editors: Wen Yaru, Wu Gang

Executive producer: Zhang Shilei

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