Timeless Valley Series Ep. 5: How does it feel to wear a rainbow?

How does it feel to wear a rainbow? In a deep valley in southwest China, we seek answers from the male Amherst's pheasant and the people of the Dulong ethnic group. Nature endows the bird with iridescent plumage and the Dulong people with skills to capture them on rugs. Check the video for more.

About Journeys in Nature: Timeless Valley Series

Dulongjiang, known as the "last uncharted land in Yunnan," is a deep valley on China's southwestern border between the Hengduan Mountains and the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau. The place was once shrouded in mystery, until a highway connecting the valley to the outside world was fully opened in 2014. In this series, CGTN Nature takes you on a ride to unveil the incredible fauna and flora as well as the minority Dulong people who call this place home.

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(Cover image a video screenshot; video by the CGTN Nature film crew)

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