BRI 10 Years on: Meet Lawrent Gordon from Tanzania

The global maritime industry is responsible for transporting and delivering more than 95-percent of trade by volume, and China is a key player. CGTN heads to Dalian Maritime University, currently training a global talent pool for countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

Lawrent Gordon is a 36-year-old from Tanzania who recently began his PhD studies in Marine Engineering at Dalian Maritime University, the only key maritime institution under China's Ministry of Communications. With Tanzania's coastline stretching over 1,400 km along East Africa, Lawrent believes his home country has untapped potential in the maritime sector.

Over 5,000 international students and professionals like Lawrent Gordon from more than ninety countries and regions have received education and training at the university. The majority come from Belt and Road countries. Experts say a digitalized, environmentally-friendly and resilient maritime industry is necessary to foster connectivity under the BRI network. And this requires a young generation of fresh talents.

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