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Qinling Panda Series Ep. 7: Who is the crazy kiwifruit hoarder?


Although the kiwi is a flightless bird native to New Zealand, the kiwifruit is a liana fruit tree native to China. The genus Actinidia is comprised of 54 species worldwide, of which 52 are found in China. Among them, 44 species are endemic to the country. China is reputed to be the birthplace of the kiwifruit. 

As autumn arrives in the Qinling Mountains, plump kiwifruits emerge and hang on the vines. Bountiful kiwifruits attract the red-billed blue magpie, who is a crazy hoarder of kiwifruits. Their hoarding habit unexpectedly helps kiwifruits to spread in the mountains. 

About Journeys in Nature: Qinling Panda Series

The Qinling mountain range divides China into north and south. The abundant natural resources have made Qinling home to countless flora and fauna. Among the residents, the giant panda with the life motto of "eat, sleep, repeat" is one of the most famous animals in the world. This series will present to you the daily routine of this famous animal, alongside its "neighbors" including the snub-nosed monkey, bamboo rats and takins. Follow CGTN's camera for more interesting stories!

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(Cover image a video screenshot; video by the CGTN Nature film crew.)

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