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Happiness Together: Life as 'foreign mediator' in China

Global Stringer

 , Updated 23:28, 22-Mar-2024

Yiwu is a magical city. It is not adjacent to a seaport, but sells products to more than 230 countries and regions around the world. It is not a railway hub, but it has access to the longest China-Europe train transport route. It is not a metropolis, but it is the world's most famous small commodity capital. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world travel to Yiwu every year to pursue their dreams. People of different nationalities, languages, beliefs and cultures gather there, living in harmony and seeking to help each other. They don't just work and live in Yiwu, but are also part of the city's social fabric. The People's Mediation Committee for Foreign-related Disputes of Yiwu City is a good example. It is the first county-level people's mediation committee for foreign-related disputes in China. Relying on extensive judicial resources, the committee provides a new model for foreign-related dispute mediation. Sushil Kumar Agrawal, a "foreign mediator" who has worked at the mediation committee for eight years, shows to CGTN how the system of foreigners participating in the mediation of foreign-related disputes works. He shares his personal experience of the system, noting "mediation is all about win-win, how to make people come to a common point to renegotiate, this is the art of mediation." He gives his insights into the characteristics of Chinese governance.

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