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Exploring Chinese civilization: Brazilian student on 'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms'

Global Stringer

 , Updated 20:10, 06-Jan-2024

Rud Eric Paixão from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a freelance translator and PhD student in translation studies. He has a degree in history, as well as in Chinese language and literature. In 2021, Rud started translating "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" into Brazilian Portuguese.

His favorite characters in the book are Cao Cao and Zhou Yu. He said Cao Cao is very authentic and should be judged by the values of his own culture and times. In the chapter "The Hero of Brewing Wine," Cao Cao's intelligence and the precision with which he measures and examines whether a person is worthy of great responsibility are amazing. Speaking of Zhou Yu, he noted that this character is the one who is most often wronged in the stories of The Three Kingdoms. For example, in the battle of Chibi, everything Zhou Yu did was ultimately attributed to Zhuge Liang. Meanwhile, he said the central theme of "loyalty, justice, humanness and virtue" in the book is fully displayed through various characters. 

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