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Eastern Fujian Series Ep. 7: 'Sea erosion museum' created by waves



In Fuzhou City, capital of Fujian Province, the place with the shortest distance between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan island is Pingtan, the country's fifth largest island. Many ocean currents converge there. Stormy waves have relentlessly impacted the rocks for years to create the unique sea erosion landform, which has earned it the name "sea erosion museum." Check out the video to learn more about the strange landforms on the island.

About Journeys in Nature: Eastern Fujian Series

The coastal regions in east China's Fujian Province are rich in biodiversity. Goats endemic to the region climb to the top of the seaside mountains to graze. Sea birds circle the cliffs where their nests have been built. In this series, CGTN Nature will take you to where the mountains meet the ocean. 

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(Cover image a video screenshot; video by CGTN Nature film crew)

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