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Incredible Odyssey: Pilgrimage to Sacred Heart



Editor's note: Over the past decades, communication across the Taiwan Straits has fluctuated, yet cross-Straits connection has remained strong and resilient. As today's youth wield the ability to mold the future, it becomes imperative for the younger generations on both sides to get more closely acquainted. The three-episode documentary series, "Incredible Odyssey," tells three unique and exciting stories. From the majestic migration of Asian elephants in southwest Yunnan Province to the sports-driven rural revitalization in Guizhou's Rongjiang County and the awe-inspiring spiritual heart of Lhasa in Xizang, each episode reveals the remarkable stories shaping these regions.

Whenever Xizang pops up in your mind, what images do you conjure up? Is it the snow-clocked peaks kissing the heavens? Maybe it's the sprawling plateau often referred to as the "roof of the world." Or perhaps it's the ethereal sapphire lakes strewn like celestial jewels across the landscape? And let's not forget the vibrant culture, with its lively dances and spirited people.

For years, Western media have highlighted human rights concerns in Xizang, accusing China of cultural assimilation and limiting religious freedom. However, on social media, Xizang is described as free and enchanting by people who have actually been there. Intrigued by the stark contrast between two discourses, Cai Xuanxuan, a student from the Taiwan region, comes to Lhasa, the capital city of Xizang, in search of reality.

In Lhasa, she meets Yibang who leads a dual life as both a civil servant and a rapper. A graduate of the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, Yibang returned home after graduation, taking the exam and becoming a civil servant. Beyond his official duties, he mediates disputes and helps countless pilgrims in trouble. In his opinion, "To govern Xizang, one needs to understand Xizang." Knowing that the land has been witness to different ethnic groups coexisting with each other, "A true believer," he says, "regardless of one's religion, is someone who understands that people from all walks of life and from different ethnicities can live harmoniously together."

Please enjoy "Pilgrimage to Sacred Heart," the finale of "Incredible Odyssey," where the real Lhasa will be unveiled. Explore the land closest to the sky and hear the voices of its people firsthand.

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