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Asian elephants have soles cleansed with relaxing pedicure in Yunnan


Zookeepers in southwest China's Yunnan Province are ensuring that Asian elephants can put their "best foot" forward by providing full foot care to these pachyderms, by offering them a relaxing pedicure.


Footage released by the Kunming Zoo showed how the elephants residing there seemed eager to present their giant paws to the keepers so they could enjoy this special treatment, with the elephants lifting their large feet up for the staff to inspect.

As one of the largest land mammals, Asian elephants are known for their size and strength, but taking good care of their feet is key to their health, especially given the considerable strain and stress placed on their feet in supporting their huge body weight.

According to zoo keepers, the elephants are usually given food while receiving their pedicures to keep them focused elsewhere and ensure the safety of staff while the procedure is carried out.

Trimming up the foot pads of the elephants not only helps them stay healthy, but also allows zoo visitors to learn more about this rare species.

Asian elephants, which are under first-class national protection, have a population of less than 400 in China, and are mainly found in Yunnan.

(Cover: Asian elephants in Yunnan Province, southwest China. /CFP)

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