Data Sessions: What are the most attractive destinations for Chinese capital?
By CGTN’s Zhu Feng
Singapore has overtaken the US in becoming the most attractive destination for Chinese outbound direct investment (ODI) in 2017 according to a biennial index by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), ranking major economies in terms of their appeal for Chinese investment. 
The country's superior business environment, access to Southeast Asian markets and close links with China are integral to its top ranking. 
The US's decline is related to higher trade tensions with China as well as the rejection of several Chinese investments by the US government. But the world’s largest economy is still a significant destination for Chinese investments, said Jeffrey Wong, partner of KPMG China.
VCG Photo

VCG Photo

“Beyond capital, what Chinese investors are looking for is technology and market. So obviously, the US is a huge market,” Wong explained. 
Despite a slip in the overall country ranking, the US still tops three of six categories including consumer goods, financial services and healthcare. The US is also ranked second most attractive in automotive and telecoms. 
Although developed economies still dominate the upper ranks of the index, emerging markets alongside the Belt and Road Initiative have risen in this update. Notable climbers include Malaysia, moving from 20 to four, and Kazakhstan, jumping from 51 to 12.
From Wong’s point of view, different companies will look at their own positioning, and then target a suitable country to invest in. For example, there are many opportunities for infrastructure companies within the Belt and Road Initiative, while Europe is a better option for financial institutions.
(CGTN’s Wang Yue also contributed to the story.)
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