Thermo Fisher Scientific confident in China’s opening-up
Updated 13:24, 05-Mar-2019
Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global life sciences company present in the Chinese market for 35 years, remains confident in China's further opening up and its national focus on health, Tony Acciarito, president of the company's branch in China told CGTN. 
Headquartered in Massachusetts, the biotech manufacturer believes that the trade tensions between the two countries will not “significantly affect” its business in China, said Acciarito. 
Meanwhile, the company is optimistic about China's economy and believes that ongoing reform will support growth, he said. 
As for China's efforts on trade liberalization and opening-up, Acciarito said the new foreign investment law sends a clear message of China's determination to open up its market. 
Moreover, China's growing focus on healthcare, biopharma, food, agriculture and environmental protection are in line with the goals of Thermo Fisher, he said, noting the company continues to innovate for the Chinese market by developing digital solutions. 
(Video by Huang Yichang; Animation by Zhang Tao; Design by Fan Chenxiao)