Museums highlight Asia's cultural relics as conference convenes
Updated 18:50, 13-May-2019
By Zhang Mengyuan
With just days to go before the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations begins, a series of exhibitions focusing on Asia's various cultural legacies is underway in Beijing.
Asia's cultural treasures at museum-goers' fingertips -- that's what organizers are hoping to deliver at a sub-exhibition on Asian Civilizations at the National Museum of China.
Doors opened on Monday to more than 400 cultural relics from 47 Asian countries, as well as Greece and Egypt. It's the largest exhibition of its kind that China has ever seen, both in terms of the number of cultural relics shown and the area that the exhibit covers. 
Zhao Gushan, deputy director of the Art Exhibitions China, said: "This exhibition comprises four parts, with one part introducing the Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road. We have chosen these cultural relics to fully reflect the cultural exchanges between countries." 
The exhibition uses hi-tech 3D-restoration, VR and multi-media imaging to present Asian cultures more directly. 
A sub-exhibition on Asian Civilizations opens at the National Museum of China in Beijing, May 13, 2019. /VCG Photo

A sub-exhibition on Asian Civilizations opens at the National Museum of China in Beijing, May 13, 2019. /VCG Photo

Not far away, the National Art Museum of China is also getting into the spirit of the conference. They're staging a high-quality exhibition of artwork from different Asian countries. It's called the "Shared Inspiration Asian Art Exhibition," and it opened Friday to curious visitors from around the world. About 130 pieces, created by 120 artists from 41 Asian countries, were part of the showcase. 
Milia Jabbour, Lebanese Ambassador to China, said: "I'm really very proud today to participate in this very important exhibition China is hosting in Beijing. And I'm more proud because we have two of our most prestigious and famous artists participating in this exhibition."
Exhibits include wash painting, oil painting, wood block and sculptures. The show attempts to capture the distinctive characteristics of cultures in China and in countries across Asia.
The exhibition will last through May 26.