40 Elites in 40 Years: Attitude towards fashion and style
Updated 14:08, 02-Jan-2019
China's first localized high-end lifestyle magazine.
China's first media outlet to launch apps.
The first print media to propose "Chinese Charity Day" to the government.
Liu Jiang, chairman of the Trends Media Group, has achieved numerous "firsts" in China's fashion industry. Liu's enterprise began with the simple dream of helping Chinese people lead a better life. 
"Fashion is a positive attitude towards life. People always have hopes and dreams, which are the basic characteristics of fashion," Liu said. "Fashion should be a perfect combination between material and spirit."
With many years of experience in traditional media, Liu launched the first high-end lifestyle periodical in China – simply titled "Trends" – in 1993. At that time, nobody thought that this young man with a love of literature would eventually become the founder of China's top fashion brand. Liu's now legendary fashion empire has awakened a sense of fashion in the Chinese people.
In the early 1990s, when all the magazines on the market sold for as cheap as one or two yuan, Trends magazine was priced at 10 yuan. "Our magazine was accused of being overpriced, but the first issue sold out quickly. At that time, there were no supportive policies, only the slogan of reform and opening-up, which allowed us to boldly imagine and explore, and it was totally from scratch," Liu recalled. "Fashion is not about giving the readers what they want, but is about giving them what they never thought about. When you actually give it to them, they find it fascinating."
At present, most of the main fashion media creators in China were trained by Liu Jiang's company. Fashion Group is also known as the "Huangpu Military Academy" for Chinese fashion periodicals. "These people have excellent personalities and good taste. They are also talented. This is what I am most proud of!" Liu said.
"Fashion is actually a cultural product. Innovation is the DNA of fashion. We are a carrier of the convergence of Eastern and Western civilizations. We are bringing the essence of Chinese traditional culture to the world. We are welcoming fashion people from all over the world to form huge energy with us. We should start from ourselves to make our lives better," Liu said.