FedEx apologizes for mishandling Huawei packages
Updated 22:21, 28-May-2019
The FedEx Corp. on Tuesday apologized on its Chinese social media account for mishandling the packages of Chinese telecoms equipment maker, Huawei.
The FedEx said on China's Twitter-like Weibo platform that there was no "external pressure" demanding transshipment.
"We value all our customers who hand more than 15 million packages to us per day. We apologize for the erroneous shipment," said FedEx in its Weibo account, "Those mishandled packages are on the way to the sender."
Huawei earlier claimed that the U.S. package delivery company diverted two parcels destined for Huawei addresses in Asia to the United States and attempted to reroute two others, all without authorization, Reuters reported. 
Huawei said it was reviewing its relationship with FedEx, according to Reuters.