PNG’s International Media Center is prepared for APEC
Updated 20:13, 17-Nov-2018
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Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG) Peter O'Neill and APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko conducted an inspection tour of the APEC International Media Center on November 14, in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. O'Neill told the media that he was impressed by the setup. 
This media center was actually renovated from an aquatic facility which consists of six basketball courts inside and a very nice pool area in the backyard. After this week of APEC Economic Leaders' Meetings, the center will still be used for athletic training and competitions. For the next five days, this place will be the workplace for over 200 members from overseas media. 
The media center opened on November 12. In fact, the set up was still ongoing yesterday, and now, it seems like everything has been properly put in place and ready to go. 
International Media Center, November 14, 2018. /CGTN Photo

International Media Center, November 14, 2018. /CGTN Photo

This is the largest room in the facility, the 23 pictures hanging from the ceiling represent the 23 provinces of PNG. Each picture represents the most famous feature of that province. Papua New Guinea has an immense culture and biological diversity. It consists of 600 islands. Believe it or not, there are still some PNG islands that humans have not set foot on. There is so much to cover not just from the cultural side, but socially and economically as well. 
This year, more than 200 world media organizations registered for the 2018 APEC meeting.