Hungary seeks more exports to China through import expo
Updated 21:50, 13-Nov-2018
China is Hungary's third largest trading partner after the European Union and the US while Hungary is one of the Guest of Honor countries at the China International Import Expo (CIIE). Peter Szijjarto, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, spoke with CGTN to share his thoughts on the CIIE.
Szijjarto introduced the products they were showcasing at the expo. They had brought commodities from the food industry and pharmaceutical industry. Tourism is another important part and they are taking new measures to boost this industry.
"We have established visa centers in 14 Chinese cities. You can receive a visa in 48 hours. We are negotiating with the China Eastern Airlines to launch a second direct flight line between China and Hungary," He said.
Hungary also presented the wine and water industry at the expo. 
"Hungarian water management technology, especially when it comes to treating sewage water and operating urban utility systems, Hungary's expertise is widely recognized all over the world," He added.
Szijjarto said because Hungary heavily relies on exports, it's significant to participate in such an event like the CIIE.
"For countries like Hungary, it's extremely important to be present at the import market of such an economy. Hungary's economy is a very open one, and we are incomparably smaller than China. But in the meantime, our export's ratio to GDP is more than 80 percent. So the exports and direct foreign investment determine the performance of our national economy very significantly."