Asian Culture Carnival: More than 8,000 int'l performers involved
By Zhang Mengyuan
The Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations is scheduled for Wednesday in Beijing. An important part of the event is the Asian Culture Carnival. Rehearsals have been completed, and organizers are doing their last-minute preparations. Over 8,000 performers from across Asia have come together for the performances.
The carnival's shows feature performers from different countries. One percussion music show is jointly performed by drummers from China, Japan, and South Korea.
A Japanese performer said, "We use different kinds of drums in the show, Japanese drums, Chinese drums, and South Korean drums. Though they are a little different, the mechanism is the same. So we communicate with each other through beating drums and became friends. It's a brand new experience for us, and we're very excited."
The rehearsal of a show by Henan Tagou Martial Arts School attracted dancers from Azerbaijan, who started to learn Kung fu by the Chinese performers.
The carnival not only draws Asian performers but also those from Africa.
An African performer said, "We are very happy, as we know the event is very important for China. We can meet people from different countries and make many Chinese friends. We also learned about Asian cultures, which are different in each country."
The Carnival is set to meet the public at Beijing's National Stadium in the evening of May 15.