Chinese Terminology: Four Big Items
Updated 19:12, 29-Nov-2018
By Zheng Chunying, Sun Zhifu
In the late 1950s, of all the goods China was capable of producing, there were four items each family wanted more than anything: A radio, a bicycle, a sewing machine and a watch. 
They don't seem like much by today's standards, but those "Four Items" were the ultimate symbol of wealth and people loved showing them off. 
Back then, wandering the streets on a bicycle was like driving a "Benz" to do the weekly shop. After reform and opening up, what was represented by the concept of “Four Items” gradually changed. 
The old “Four Items” were no longer in demand, and were replaced by new range: A TV, a refrigerator, a washing machine, and a tape recorder.  
The coming of the electronic age enriched and improved the lives of the average family. I wonder what the four most-wanted items are nowadays. (Perhaps fresh air is one of them...)
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