Premier Li: China prioritizes jobs in 2019
Updated 14:54, 15-Mar-2019

China's modernization process has always faced tremendous employment pressure and in 2019, the country's "job first" policy will elevate the employment issue, Premier Li Keqiang said at a press conference on Friday morning.

China sees some 15 million new entrants to the labor force each year and the figure will not decline in the foreseeable future, Li said, adding that there are also millions of migrant workers from rural areas.

With a target to create another 11 million jobs in 2019, China wants to create 13 million jobs in actual practice, the same amount as last year, Li said

To achieve this goal, China is prioritizing its "job first" policy on a macro level for the first time, together with its monetary policy and tax cut policy to ensure employment in the country, according to Li. 

He also emphasized protecting the lawful rights and interests of migrant workers. 

There have been instances where the wages of rural migrant workers have not been paid in full and on time and the government will crack down on such malpractices, he said.